Dismantling and Assembly Furniture

Our Assosiates has proven expertise and experience in dismantling and assembling furniture.

Furniture dismantling and assembly is always included with our removals but you can order this service on its own, for example for your new IKEA set of PAX wardrobes. Your removal team come equipped with tools including electric screwdrivers to make the service a speedy one. When moving large pieces we dismantle furniture only if it is too large to be taken through the door frame. Typically beds and wardrobes are dismantle and their pieces padded before we load the onto the van. All smaller furniture are moved as they are and padded once loaded.


Whether you're moving home, replacing your furniture or setting up something new, KHS Packers & Movers can get the job done quickly, safely and for a great low price. Our team offers a specialist furniture dismantling and assembly service for homes and businesses across the Romford area, saving you the time and the hassle of taking it apart yourself.

From flat-pack furniture to traditional pieces, we've got the skills and the tools to take apart any item – and to put it back together again at the other end. We ensure that there's no damage to your furniture, and that the job is done safely.

Don't risk injuring yourself or damaging your furniture: leave it to the specialists. A great number of household accidents occur during DIY work, and putting up or taking down furniture can be a frustrating task. We've got years of experience in furniture building, a superb set of tools and the knowledge you need: trust KHS Packers & Movers to get the job done.